Going Viral

Going Viral is a book by Karine Nahon and Jeff Hemsley. It takes an in depth and scientific approach to uncover the methods behind what makes some things on the internet and in the media go viral and what exactly going viral means.

I have done a podcast talking about the book and how it does a wonderful job at breaking down the differences between a very successful piece of media and a piece of media that has gone viral. The podcast will also include a few examples from the book that most resonated with me but the book itself will have to be read in order to fully grasp everything that can be gained from it.

There are few things listeners might want to listen to when listening to the podcast.  In the book I noticed how the definition of virality is heavily broken down and I give a few examples explaining that but I noticed that the book also takes away from the simplicity of the answer of, ‘how to go viral’. By this I mean, when something goes viral it is simply because either it has the ability to touch everyone at the right moment and just so happened that the most people were online at this given time, or it creates such shock value that it is impossible to ignore. While reading the book I didn’t really see this definition anywhere and instead the book took a way deeper, scientific approach.

If you want a sample of the book, you can click this link and it will take you to read the first chapter. If you want to go ahead and listen to the podcast you can click here.

Also if you have a Wayne State active access ID, you can also access the entire book here, with the exception of having to download adobe digital if you want to download it.

Here are a couple links of others talking about the book.

Link 1

Link 2

Here is a video of Jeff Hemsley talking about going viral.



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