My group decided to do our twine game on Suicidal awareness and what effects a workload could do to a student. Our game was meant to raise awareness on an issue we felt everyone did not always think about. There are so many students that deal with this issue and some of them will never have a voice. We tried to give them that voice with this assignment.

The responses we got from the class was overwhelming. Everyone enjoyed the story and the angle we chose to go. Our classmates felt the emotion we were trying to convey and it resonated even deeper with some.

Twine allows for extreme creative control. We could create a linear story or an extremely complex story that would cause readers to come back for more. It offered an easy way to include music in the twine and other types of media which allowed to give more life to the twine. The twine application is amazing in its nature, giving a new twist to how stories and blogs can be posted online. It does an amazing job at providing users with the necessary tools they would need to create captivating dialogues that move in such dramatic fashion for its use to keep the reader’s attention.

The frustrating part was remembering all the commands. Other than that the assignment was pretty cool overall, and I wanted to do my own in my private time. It was exciting waiting to read my classmates slides because I was eager to discover what I would write based on what my teammates wrote. The slides I worked on were the climax slides, where Jordan is on the rooftop preparing to jump and then meets a friend that helps calm him down.

I have not yet covered anything on this topic but it could be an option that I could cover for my story idea for The South End. I live in the residence halls so I’m sure there is a lot of coverage and interviews I can do directly to the residents to gather information on how they cope with school and if suicide has ever been a thought. I could look up the average number of students that struggle with suicide and do my own test and see if those averages are actually true.

Click here to find game.


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