Students Reveal True Emotions On WSU Dining

cafe– Wayne State University Dining

  • Towers Café

This is Wayne State University Dining. For three years Wayne State University has partnered with Aramark to provide Wayne State University with their food services. This has also caused an uproar amongst students who don’t particularly like the food. Some complain that it is not fresh and some complain that there aren’t many options to pick from. I have spoken with a few students to get their feedback on how they feel dining services are doing here at the school.

This is a current WSU student that was willing enough to give us a video response on their opinion of Wayne State University dining. She mentioned the company’s customer service skills, something I have not heard from many students, only about how they feel about the food.



This is another student’s opinion on the university’s dining services. She also had a lot to say about the options and quality of the food.


Just a map of dining locations here at WSU.



  • Here are some more locations available at WSU, Wing Stop which is retail option that can be purchased with real money or warrior dollars, and Gold n’ Greens which can be accessed through the use of warrior dollars, real money, and meal swipes.


An article on Wayne State University defending Aramark despite the Student’s grievances can be found here at WSU Dining.




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